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Binode Behari Mukherjee

Blind artist : Benode Bihari

       Paralysis, severe physical insufficiencies, even psychic disorders are commonplace among the writers, painters and people of such creative passions. Benode Bihari was born with one blind eye, the other too gave way when he was only fifty-three years old.  Ramkinkar was addicted to alcohol and finally died with severe ailments coupled with chronic malnutrition.

Ramkinker Baij


Portrait of artist Ramkinkar by Bikash Bhattacharya

        Bikash Bhattacharya, a legend of modern times was also not left by this strange twist of destiny. for the past seven years before his death, Bikash was completely disabled by the paralysis which made painting impossible. But seeing Bikas's immense popularity, dealers of art had even suggested that he might paint with his feet or rather do some simple abstracts. But Bikash had never compromised with his ideals and principles. While many painters of repute tend to take the easy route of creating sub-standard works once their signatures start selling, Bikash always refrained from doing so.

It is a rarity in today's commercialized art world. 



        Bikash Bhattacharya, along with Ganesh Paine and Sunil Das had been one of the founders of the prestigious Society of Contemporary Artists of Kolkata. He was born in 1940, in a middle class family. In 1963, he graduated from Indian College of Art and Draftsmanship and then joined as faculty at the same place in 1968

        Bikash Bhattacharya is credited for bringing back realism into Indian art at a time when the artists in India were leaning more towards distortion of figures and abstraction.



Bikash Bhattacharya

With Bikash's realistic paintings , the art world once again started attracting the common man on the street. This is Bikash’s single most important contribution to art. 


Pastel painting


Bikash Bhattacharya had handled various medium simultaneously. here are two examples of his works; one in pastel on paper, the other oil on canvas.

  Oil painting of Bikash Bhattacharya

        Bikash had achieved commercial success very early in life with his Doll Series, which was later followed by the Durga Series. In the 1980s, Bikash painted illustrations for a sequel novel on the life of another great artist of the past- Ramkinker Baij . The novel written by Bengali novelist Samaresh Basu could not be completed as Basu died in between, but Bikash’s works have remained as some of his bests.

        Bikash had also earned fame by painting portraits of famous men like Indira Gandhi, Tagore, Satyajit Ray and Samaresh Basu. Bikash Had inspired a host of painters in India including Sanjay Bhattacharya who is today the main realist from Bengal.

Medium and technique of works

        Bikash Bhattacharya has painted in almost all known media, oil, water colour, gouache, pastel . But it is paintings in oil that has drawn the maximum attention. Bikash worked in realistic technique playing with light and shade.

Major Themes.

        Bikash had been deeply influenced by the surrealists and indeed he has went on record stating that Salvador Dali had been his favourite painter. In Bikash’s paintings, he infuses imaginary surrealist themes in realistic set up. Thus though in terms of techniques, Bikash is a realist, his themes can be best described as surrealist.

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